Here are the types of products donation that we are seeking for:

・ Food,
・ Clothing,
・ Toys,
・ School supplies,
・ Personal hygiene items,
・ Medicines,
・ Medical supplies and equipment,
・ Household items and other relief materials.

With your help, our children will receive a quality service about their:

・ Basic physical care,
・ A clean, safe shelter for residence,
・Clothing, nutrition, hygiene training,
・Health care and medical attention,
・ A basic education,
・ Secondary education
・ Workshop during summer
・Emotional development and care,
・Moral instruction,
・ A trusting and loving relationship,
・ Supervision and discipline,
・ Community life,
・ Family-like environment,
・ Spiritual guidance and join to Spiritual Camp.

Aside from these, we are looking for the specified donations for the purchase of training farm, multi-purpose hall and the purchase of vehicle.