The operation was done on December 18, 2003 at Maharlika Foundation, Davao City.

Christmas of 2003 was a joyful experience for the children. They received gifts from religious individuals and families. The people who shared with us their blessings gave the children toys, clothes, food and money. You can see them very happy receiving their respective gifts. Above all, they were happy for Crestine who had successfully surpassed an eye operation a few days before the holiday season. Crestine had her eyes operated because of her cross-eyed. After all those years that she wished to make her sight normal, she finally got it through the efforts and support of everybody in the Village. Just last holiday season all her wishes came true. We celebrated Christmas with love, kindness and belongingness with each other. For them, Christmas was a celebration of joy and new hope. We do not know what would happen without your support. Thank you for giving them a different Christmas experience. Your support gives them hope for a brighter future.