Here, we would like to show you our videos. We have some videos but most of them are DVD, so it is too heavy to put in the website. But this time, we have make them small files. Please enjoy the beautiful smiles of the children and their skillful performance

Easter Village, kini ang atong paulianan: originally this song is in Japanese sung by the children of Easter Village Orphanage in Japan, we translated it into Visayan language. You can take a good look at the beautiful smiles of the children.i12.4l@Windows Media Player)

This is an introduction video of Easter Village in 2006. 11.3M (2:21)

 Jesus put the song in my heart: Children's musical part one.

@Jesus makes beautiful: Part two. Inday is featured.i13.9lj

l Make me a servant: This is the last part of musical performance.i12.5lj

The title is Rainbo-Niji. This is an introductory video of Easter Village with the Japanese song Niji that means a rainbow. You can take a good look at Easter Village Family.(31.8M 6minutesj

You can see "I can"with the great smiles of the children(17.4M 3:28)

You can also see the above said exposure with the beautiful song, One Light, One SunOne Sun One Light(3:50; 19.5MB)

Every December, the song Araw ng Pasko (the song of Christmas) is heard in the whole Philippines. We will show you how our chiristmas party went on with the children from C.I.C.Araw ng Pasko 07 (4:45 23.2M)Windows Media Player

Children enjoyed their outing in General Santos on April 2008, they also danced on the beach. Take a look at their Hawaian dance. Pearly Shell (15.8M9(3:17)

Outing to General Santos city. You can look how they enjoyed their trip. Outing0804 (19.2M) (3:59)

We are the children of the yesterday's dream (18.2M) (3:3:45)

October is the children's month in the Philippines. So we celebrated it with the children of Easter Village, Childcare Center, and Crisis Intervention Center. Please take a look how they enjoyed. Children's Month Celebration 08 (52M 10:52)