We are accepting volunteers who love working with children and have a flair for creativity. You will teach small classes in our study room and help in the childrenfs home. Qualified volunteers are all welcomed.

Your job at Easter Village.
You will be engaged in various activities, mainly teaching in the study room and helping in the childrenfs home. The kids are always eager to get help with their studies and have a friend to chat with. Besides this, on holidays, you can organize special activities in the library, such as art classes, musical instruments lessons like: recorder, melodeon, keyboard, guitar and, tutoring reading etc.
Harumi, our volunteer from Japan teaches our children to play keyboard. And it has proved very successful especially to Tina. Our study room is used as a classroom stocked with materials for the volunteer to be in charge of, and we always need more materials if you wish to collect some to bring with you.

If you want to apply, please dowload the file and fill the blank, and send us back. Thank you.

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