Mindanao is the place where many indigenous peoples, the migrants from Luzon and Visayas, and many Muslims live together. The central Mindanao is known as its unique situation where Christians, Muslims and indigenous people are living together. The land has witnessed with many conflicts, the efforts for justice and peace and many martyrs and victims of the conflicts and the struggle. A lot of blood has been shed in the conflicts between the MILF (More Islamic Liberation Front) or MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) and the government army. People really hope for peace and order. And endeavor to create a peace, order and reconciliation in spite of the frequently repeated conflicts with hatred and misunderstandings. Who suffered most? Primarily, it is the children, the innocent victims of society.

Reverend Fr. Fumio Sukegawa, a missionary priest from the Diocese of Sapporo, Japan who pioneered the Easter Village, felt the need of responding to this cause. During his mission in Davao Oriental, aside from his assignment in San Isidro Labrador Parish, he helped the orphanage as a volunteer. There, he played together with the orphans and took care of them.

When Fr. Fumio Sukegawa had an opportunity to transfer here in Kidapawan, Cotabato from Davao Oriental. He began to think of his mission. He was not able to forget the orphans who were really wounded healers and still in need of the care. gLet me build the orphanage here.h This thought struck him. It was very simple. He just wants to help the orphans who lost their parents. And he began to dream and imagine about building an orphanage.

Fr. Fumio Sukegawa is the founder and the current director of Easter Village. And the people, particularly the faithful of the Diocese of Sapporo, are in solidarity with the mission of the Easter Village. The Diocese of Kidapawan is also supporting this mission.

With fervent prayers and a little seed of faith planted in their hearts, the Lord opened doors of supporters for the work. Many Christian individuals and Christian Churches in Japan made commitments in prayers and financial support for the protection of children in Kidapawan City, Cotabato with the great understanding and assistance of the Diocese of Kidapawan. The institution was started on August, 2002. On August 7, 2003, the Home for Childrenfs Protection was named, Easter Village Orphanage, Incorporated.